if you wanna cut the crap and get straight to the playlist, you’re welcome (Spotify or Apple Music). I love to delay bedtime. Normally for no good reason, only bad ones. So on Wednesday night, I gave myself an incentive at 10pm – you can stay up, if you make a sick ass playlist for […]

Here they are! Hope you find something you like … Podcast links here and the list below. Apple Google Other 21. Empathy – Jean Deaux 20. The Highwomen – the Highwomen 19. Eve – Rapsody 18. When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? – Billie Eilish 17. BUBBA – KAYTRANADA 16. Dedicated – […]

The criteria for my favourite songs exists somewhere, like an unwritten constitution, or probably more like that emoji whose brain is scrambled. It’s a little of how much I played and enjoyed them. It’s a lot about about how many feels and thinks I had about them – and how much I felt compelled to […]

I was like basically pretty much sorta almost ready to go with this before the NY kicked in. Then my holiday companions gave me a straight up grilling for wanting to post these songs in no particular order. So revisit, I have. Ranked them, I did. Torturous, it certainly was. It did give me a […]

I heard your feedback – the March playlist was a little too heavy on hardness and hip hop and a little light lush grooves. I’m not saying April completely resolves that (I’m still me, after all) BUT I have aimed to expand through a more eclectic mix of genres and sounds. And in those hip-hop […]