if you wanna cut the crap and get straight to the playlist, you’re welcome (Spotify or Apple Music).

I love to delay bedtime. Normally for no good reason, only bad ones.

So on Wednesday night, I gave myself an incentive at 10pm – you can stay up, if you make a sick ass playlist for y’all (and myself).

What’s the recipe for a lock down playlist, one that addresses the current situation and also acts as an antidote?

Ingredients: songs that reference or acknowledge ‘the kinda year’ 2020 has become – either literally, cryptically, tongue-in-cheek-ly or even tenuously. it can be as straightforward as the title (e.g. Locked Inside, Get Myself Together), or buried within the lyrics and their meaning. Think of it like digging for treasure.

Method: rapidly scroll through every loved album on phone and add songs (ideally max of one per album) without barely thinking. the more obvious (tenuous) the better.

The end result: 8 hours (i know …) of all sorts of genres, artists, sounds, ages.

Serving suggestion: as you like. start to finish, or shuffle this shizzle. i will say, there is a particularly amazing stretch of up beat tunes about 15-20 songs through.

Storage: keep it fresh by saving the playlist (Spotify or Apple Music) and give it your divided attention regularly. It’s a low maintenance, very fulfilling dish.

Most of all, enjoy!



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