Me, and my one track mind

Hi, I’m Daniel – a procrastination junkie for whom music is a soundtrack and a favourite distraction.

When I was but a young chocolate loving chubby but otherwise ‘little’ child I used to sit in the front of our family store each evening totally engrossed by the ‘top 7 at 7’ on our local radio station. It was basically the same 7 songs on a nightly basis but thrilling to me as an 7 year old nonetheless.

In my teen years I entered a new phase of loving ‘independent’ music – went to my first concert (Garbage, who were anything but) and embraced the sort of commercial pseudo-bohemian lifestyle that only a 15 year old boy in small town Australia could even attempt.

As I gradually graduated to adulthood the cornerstone of my music tastehood – RnB and associates – firmly established itself as my ever faithful go-to jams.

Now, I see all these phases and crazes have all shaped my music taste into the eclectic thang it is today, which could be best described as a delicious mongrel casserole.

So, here I am to write about all of them – one(ish) track, album, artist at at time across multiple life ‘events’.

Thanks for humouring my indulgence.

Gimme a piece of your mind

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